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Plane Forced to Land After Fighting Couple Mentioned Bomb

Two people arguing on a flight out of Orlando were arrested after passengers reported that they overheard them talking about a bomb and weapons, and the plane was forced to land.

On December 5, a couple at the airport in Orlando, Florida, got into an argument just before boarding a Breeze Airlines flight to Providence, Rhode Island. The verbal dispute was reportedly still going strong when the pair got on the plane.

According to reports, the man threatened to tell people that the woman was carrying a bomb in her bag. The woman reportedly responded by threatening to inform them that he had weapons. Other passengers seated nearby reported they became nervous upon hearing the word “bomb.” One man asked a flight attendant to allow him and his daughter to move their seats away from the couple because of it.

The captain found out about the potential safety threat, and since someone allegedly said the word “bomb,” the plane was forced to reroute and land at Jacksonville International Airport. When they got to the terminal, the authorities, including a bomb-sniffing K9 boarded the aircraft. The Federal Bureau of Investigations got involved, and they opened an investigation.

Both suspects were taken into custody while they were still on the plane. In an image circulating on news sites and social media, passengers can be seen holding their cell phones and recording the arrest. As the police put the handcuffs on the man, he apologized to the passengers for causing a disruption to their travel plans.

Everyone deboarded the plane, and it was decided they would remain in Jacksonville until the following afternoon. According to reports, the travelers were compensated for hotel costs.

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