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Police-Dubbed ‘Kingpin Granny’ Accused of Dealing Prescription Narcotics

A 75-year-old woman who authorities have nicknamed “Kingpin Granny” is facing six felony charges for allegedly selling prescription pills out of her home in Tennessee.

Betty Jean Jordan, a grandmother and homeowner from Parsons, Tennessee, has become one of the people who has raised the interest of police who are conducting an investigation into the illegal drug sales activity in the area.

Undercover agents confirmed their suspicions by arranging a meeting with Jordan with the intent to buy illegal prescription drugs from her, and they allege that she sold them the medication.

Investigators were issued a search warrant for Jordan’s residence and inside the senior’s home they discovered more than one thousand prescription pills, and a total amount of over $12,000 in money and goods that they believe are related to the alleged illegal drug sales operation. Opiate pills such as morphine and Oxycodone, Methadone which is used to treat people suffering from opiate addiction, and the tranquilizer Xanax were amongst the pharmaceuticals recovered from the raid.

Jordan, who uses a wheelchair for mobility, was arrested and booked into Decatur County jail. She is facing a total of six felony drug-related charges comprised of drug manufacturing/delivery/sales, possession of a legend drug, which means that the medication is approved by the FDA, intent to distribute, and evading arrest.

After paying an ordered $50,000 bond Jordan was released from custody.

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