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Police Officer Who Used Gun to Threaten Man Was Arrested for DUI

On December 21, a Florida man who worked as an auxiliary police officer for the Starke Police Department was placed under arrest for driving under the influence after being reported for allegedly drawing a gun on a pedestrian.

When 47-year-old reserve officer Brian Davis was walking across the street near a local establishment called the Whiskey River Bar he slapped the hand of a man who was walking near him. Upon reporting the incident to a Bradford County Sheriff’s Office deputy nearby the man claimed that the encounter led to an argument, and Davis pulled out a gun while making threats toward him. The man was also able to show the officer the GMC truck that Davis was driving.

Davis was inside his truck when the deputy approached him to perform a traffic stop. He was in the driver’s seat, and he had a passenger with him who was identified as his son. Upon inspection it was noticed that the vehicle allegedly contained two cans of open beer and a half full bottle of alcohol. A handgun fitting the description of the weapon used to threaten the man who reported the event was located next to the driver seat.

Upon asking Davis to exit the vehicle police reports indicated that he was staggering, and he was asked to submit to a sobriety test and a breath test, but he did not consent.

Davis’ son was also asked to get out of the truck. He was placed in handcuffs, but he was only detained and not taken into custody.

Davis was arrested at the scene for suspected DUI, and he is facing multiple charges. He was also released from his position as an officer, as reported by the Starke Police Department.

Davis denies all allegation against him, and his son’s testimony supported his father’s refute of the claims.

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