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Police Sniff Out Missionary-Harasser Using Origin Story of Dog’s Name

A man who was reported for allegedly hassling a Jehovah’s Witness on a public beach was discovered when the authorities used information gathered from the locals which included a well-known story of how his dog was named.

In early February, a resident of the city was strolling with his dog on a beach in Marathon, Florida, when he reportedly came across a missionary who was operating a cart that held books and information he was offering about the Jehovah’s Witness faith.

It is a regular practice for Jehovah’s Witnesses to hold missionary work in high priority, and the man with the cart, who had chosen the city-run coastal location, allegedly came into contact with the beachgoer, reported as 59-year-old Edgar Wallis Jones and his canine.

Jones allegedly confronted the cart operant and openly challenged the legality of sharing of religious principles in a place run by a government agency.

The man, who said he had obtained a permit, told Jones that his materials were also on the house.

According to the man, Jones allegedly took this as an invitation to take the cart away, and also allow his four-legged, pudgy pet named Butterbean to use the writings as toys for chomping.

When the authorities learned of the alleged hounding Jones had reportedly doled out on the victim they investigated the claims and were repeatedly told a story about how his dog was bestowed his name by his children when they spoke with several different people about the suspect.

A deputy went back to the scene of the reported incident and noticed a stout dog with characteristics of the one described in the complaint. The deputy went up to the owner, who was allegedly identified as Jones, and again the pet owner told the story of how the dog had inherited his name.

Upon hearing the tale the deputy brought up the details of the event he was examining to Jones.

Jones allegedly stated that his dog did bite the books, but said that he did not touch the cart.

On February 20, Jones turned himself in on a warrant that had been issued regarding the situation and he is facing charges for disorderly conduct.

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