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Police Watch Attempted Bike Theft in Front of Station

A man was arrested at an Oregon police station when officers working inside viewed him allegedly trying to steal a bike that was locked up outside near the front door.

Early in the evening on December 27, a surveillance camera at the Gladstone Police Department recorded someone walking toward the front of the building wearing dark clothing with a hood, and a piece of fabric concealing their facial area.

Officers inside the police station reported that as they were watching the live footage streaming from the video camera they noticed that the man appeared to be carrying a tool.

He was seen removing the item from a bag and crouching near the bike while using the instrument, purported to be bolt cutters, in a suspected attempt to remove the lock securing it.

Less than a minute later, an officer came out through the front door of the police station and the suspect, 26-year-old Adam Valle, was placed under arrest.

Considering the bold circumstances of the incident, the sergeant called Valle’s alleged theft attempt “dumb,” but Valle wisely exercised his right to remain silent when he was asked to give a statement about why he allegedly tried to steal the bicycle. It was reported that the authorities have chalked it up to a crime of opportunity despite the seemingly inopportune location.

Valle is facing theft, criminal mischief, and felon in possession of a weapon charges. He was released from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

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