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Pregnant Victim Assaulted at Gender Reveal Party

During an argument at a party intended to reveal the gender of her unborn child, a pregnant woman was allegedly assaulted by the uncle-to-be.

During the afternoon on July 12, a woman who is 6-months pregnant was hosting a party in St. Petersburg for her loved ones in celebration of the baby’s gender being revealed to all in attendance.

At some point during the social engagement, the father-to-be asked some of the guests if they would refrain from smoking due to children and his pregnant girlfriend being in the vicinity.

The man’s brother, identified as 27-year-old Marshall Richardson, allegedly had a negative reaction to the appeal, but the pregnant woman stepped in and admonished Richardson for his behavior.

Richardson allegedly started throwing verbal barbs at his brother, inciting a full-blown argument, and it reportedly escalated to a level that caused some of the people at the party dragged the brothers away from each other in an attempt to halt the situation.

According to the affidavit, the woman did not stop verbally chastising her beau’s brother, and Richardson allegedly thrust his fist in her direction.

His swing landed on the alleged victim’s face, and it was asserted that her wounds were visible.

The St. Petersburg Police Department was notified about the incident near 1:30 pm, and officers went to the home.

When they arrived it was reported that they interacted with the pregnant victim, who they said had marks on her face that appeared as if she had been struck.

Richardson, who was reported as having a long list of priors, was taken into custody and housed in the Pinellas County Jail for suspicion of felony aggravated battery.

He was released from incarceration after paying a $10,000 ordered bail, and it was reported that the victim made it known that she intends to follow through with pressing charges.

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