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Road Rage Provoked Assault With Sword and Shovel

When a man who was reportedly driving while intoxicated and experiencing road rage pursued the person he was upset with until the man stopped his vehicle, the angry driver allegedly physically assaulted him.

Kyle Madison Wall was traveling in his vehicle on Saturday morning when he allegedly became frustrated with another driver.

Wall reportedly began to tail the man, who was on his way to work, and continued to do so until they reached the destination.

After the driver of the vehicle that Wall was allegedly angry with stopped his car, Wall is said to have walked up to the car window and tried to punch the man twice, making contact with his nose on the second attempt. He was additionally reported as making verbal threats to the alleged victim.

As Wall allegedly then walked back to his own vehicle the man who had been punched chased after him while he notified the authorities. Wall saw that the man was now pursuing him and he allegedly grabbed a sizeable sword from his vehicle and went in the direction of the victim. As the man tried to drive away Wall reportedly propelled the object through the air in the direction of his car.

Wall allegedly went to a nearby business that was not open at the time but had a snow shovel in sight that he grabbed and was reportedly seen advancing upon the victim with it as the police were arriving.

When the authorities tried to detain Wall he was said to have been rather uncooperative and presumed intoxicated. He was reported as spitting at and issuing death threats to the officers as he was being placed in handcuffs, and the police put a spit mask on him.

30-year-old Wall was taken into custody and his blood-alcohol content was tested at the police station. He is facing a host of charges for the allegations including aggravated assault, assault, driving under the influence, assaulting or threatening violence at a peace officer, interfering with an arresting officer and failure to stop at the command of a law enforcement officer.

Wall was booked into the county jail in lieu of $7500 bail.

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