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Sex Offender Caught Operating Carnival Ride

A registered sex offender in Missouri was taken into custody when it was reportedly discovered that he was working as a ride operator at a local festival.

55-year-old Victor Allen Jacobs resides in Moberly, Missouri.

According to court documents, Jacobs was convicted of rape in 2001, and when he was released from prison he was ordered to register as a sex offender.

Jacobs registered after his release to uphold the conditions of his probation.

A court filing in 2013 included information about Jacobs’ failure to reregister. It was asserted that when he asked, he was told he could not move to a residence because it was too close to a school to comply with his conditions. Jacobs moved to the address and did not place his name on the registry.

Between June 16 and June 19, the Moberly Rotary Club is hosting its annual “Moberly Railroad Days” festival in the Historic Railroad Depot Park. According to the event’s website, it is “a festival celebrating Moberly’s Railroad heritage.” They offer food and drinks, carnival rides, and additional entertainment.

On opening day, officers were sent to the festival to provide law enforcement if needed.

While walking around the premises, one of the officers reportedly thought a man operating one of the young children’s rides looked like someone he had encountered in the past.

The officer recalled that the man was a sex offender ordered to put his name on the registry.

When using the information of the suspect, asserted to be Jacobs, the authorities ran his name to find verification of his requirement to register.

The results showed that Jacobs was required and that he was not allowed to be in the same place as children.

Jacobs was placed under arrest and booked taken to the Randolph County Justice Center. He is expected to face charges for suspicion of being present near a park, playground, pool, or museum.

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