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Sexagenarian Couple Caught Copulating in Beach Bar Bathroom

A feisty Florida couple was allegedly discovered while in the act of having sex in a St. Pete Beach bar’s bathroom.

Just after midnight on December 22, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department was notified by the management at the Beachcomber Hotel Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Several of the patrons at the well-known Jimmy B’s Beach Bar informed the security staff that they believed a couple was using the establishment’s ladies’ bathroom for a sexual encounter. Security reportedly attempted to ask the couple to exit the premises, but the people behind the bathroom door did not comply, and the authorities were called.

When the police arrived, Jimmy B’s management asked for their assistance in getting the couple to leave the property as they were now considered trespassers.

When the deputy at the scene talked with the man he believed that he was drunk, and when he asked for identification the suspect denied his request, in addition to denying that he was having sex in the restroom.

The woman involved in the alleged incident, who was additionally reportedly intoxicated, also declined to provide her identity to the authorities and said that the claim that she was having sex in the bathroom was false.

The deputy placed the man, identified as 60-year-old George O’Brien, under arrest, but O’Brien was reported as resisting.

When the female, identified as 62-year-old Debra Vogt, was taken into custody she allegedly became so uncooperative that she nearly hit the deputy with her arm as she reportedly struggled against being placed in handcuffs.

Both O’Brien and Vogt are facing charges for suspicion of misdemeanor trespassing, disorderly conduct, and resisting an officer.

Due to the allegations that she came close to striking a deputy, Vogt is facing an additional charge for assault on a law enforcement officer.

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