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Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested and Fired for DUI After Multi-Car Crash

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy was in an accident involving six automobiles in the early morning hours on June 16, for which he has been accused of causing by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Nicholas Smith was a new deputy hired by LA County Sheriff’s department where he remained employed for a period of six months.

On Sunday morning between 2:30 and 3:00 am Smith was reportedly driving his pickup truck through Palmdale while he was off duty, when he was suspected of allowing the vehicle to veer to the right on the road causing a collision with the rear end of a parked car that resulted in a domino effect when it smashed into four other vehicles.

One of the owners of a car involved in the incident who lived in the house in front of where the wreck took place stated that she called 911 when she heard the loud sound of the vehicles smashing together.

Palmdale deputies dispatched to the location, where 24-year-old Smith waited for them to arrive. The woman who placed the call to report the accident went outside and said that Smith was disoriented and appeared upset while he tried to assure her that everything would be alright.

When the officers reached the scene it was suspected that Smith was under the influence of alcohol, and they performed field sobriety tests that led them to believe their initial assumption was correct.

Smith was arrested on suspicion of DUI, and it was reported that he was dismissed from his job with the agency at 7:35 am on Sunday.

There were no reported physical injuries as a result of the wreck, but several of the cars were totaled or badly damaged.

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