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Stalker Sent Strangers to Victim’s Home for Sex and Drugs

A Florida woman is facing charges after allegedly making a mock online dating profile using the personal information of her ex-boyfriend’s new girl, which reportedly led several men seeking meth and sex to show up at the alleged victim’s home.

29-year-old Vanessa Marie Huckaba lives in Rockland Key, Florida, and she has a 5-year-old daughter.

Huckaba was in a relationship with a man for approximately 6-months, and after their breakup, he started dating a 36-year-old woman from Key West.

When Huckaba discovered her ex had a new girlfriend, she allegedly began to lash out at the woman, who she had never met.

In October, during her first alleged attempt to harass the woman, Huckaba reportedly started placing telephone calls and sending text messages to badger and intimidate her.

The alleged harassment continued for approximately one month.

In some of the messages to the woman, Huckaba reportedly taunted the alleged victim by saying the situation would escalate. She reportedly threatened to cause problems at the woman’s place of employment and residence.

In an attempt to cease the unwanted and ongoing discord, the alleged victim blocked Huckaba’s phone number, but she reportedly persisted by using alternative numbers.

The alleged victim went to the authorities, and she was issued a restraining order at the end of October.

Huckaba allegedly chose to defy the order, and reportedly created a profile using the alleged victim’s photograph, home address, and personal information on a dating app for people seeking to connect with “sugar daddy’s” and “sugar babies.”

The message attached to the profile was reported as saying that the woman was available for sexual encounters, and the heading was marked “Fresh Meth Tonight.”

The alleged victim reported that people from the app began sending unsolicited naked pictures to her, and men were knocking on her door as a result of the faux profile purportedly created by Huckaba.

On November 21, the police placed Huckaba under arrest for the allegations, and she is facing charges for suspicion of cyberstalking, and harassment. She was later released on bond.

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