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Strip Search Exposed Firearm in Suspect’s Butt Crack

A Louisiana man found with drugs, assorted weaponry and a gun tucked between his butt cheeks pleaded guilty to the accusations during a court proceeding on September 18.

On December 28, 24-year-old Justin Savoie was spending time with a woman at her residence in Golden Meadow, which is approximately 50-miles from New Orleans.

Police confronted the pair when something caused them to purport dubious activity may have been taking place, and they went into the woman’s home to take a look around.

While they were inspecting the residence, the authorities located marijuana, paraphernalia, and a firearm.

When Savoie’s vehicle was searched, many guns, in addition to handcrafted gun silencers were found.

Savoie was placed under arrest and booked at a sub-station of the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office, and he was charged with multiple weapons and drug offenses.

When Savoie had a routine strip search during his booking process, the police discovered a loaded .25 caliber Titan pistol lodged between his buttocks.

Savoie was freed from custody on a $10,600 bond, and he agreed to a plea deal for the charges.

Last Friday, at the Lafourche Parish District Court, a judge handed down a five-year suspended prison sentence for the infractions. It was also ordered that Savoie would spend three months in jail and three years on probation.

While he is on probation, Savoie is disallowed from visiting bars and lounges, may not use any illegal substances, and was given a restriction for his alcohol consumption.

If Savoie is found in violation of the stipulations, he might be in danger of having his probation revoked and could have to spend up to five years behind bars.

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