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Students on Board School Bus when Driver Arrested for DUI

A school bus driver bringing children to school on her morning route was taken into custody on Wednesday for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

49-year-old Jackie Adams, a Telford, Tennessee, resident, drives a school bus for the Washington County School District. On February 28, just after 7:00 a.m. Adams was in charge of 23 students who were passengers on the bus she was driving.

In the midst of her task of dropping off the elementary and middle school children at their destinations another vehicle on the road became alarmed when they saw the bus in motion and believed that it was being driven in an irregular manner. The worried witness placed a call to 911 with a report of the incident.

Jonesborough Police Department was notified and officers dispatched to the area where the caller observed the bus traveling. Police easily identified the school bus and performed a traffic stop to investigate the caller’s claim.

Upon entering the bus police made the determination that Adams could be under the influence of alcohol, and after agreeing and submitting to a standard field sobriety test they determined that she did not pass. Officers also said that they located further evidence at the scene, though they have not disclosed what they allegedly found.

Adams was taken into custody and she is facing charges of DUI and reckless endangerment. The toxicology reports have not yet been returned with Adams’ blood alcohol level.

A Washington County Department of Education transportation worker was sent to the scene and brought the children who were on board the bus to their respective schools.

It was reported that Adams has been removed from her position as a driver for Washington County Schools without pay.

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