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Sub Struck Special Needs Child with Book 

A special needs elementary school substitute teacher was accused of child abuse when she allegedly struck one of the children in her class with a book as a disciplinary measure. 

About a month ago, a 25-year-old woman began working as a substitute teacher in a special needs classroom at the Champion Elementary School in Daytona Beach. Two other teachers worked with her in the class since the students often required extra attention. 

According to a witness who also works at the school, the sub was engaging with students when they saw the woman hit a young boy with a book. 

The employee who reportedly witnessed the incident went to a school resource officer and let them know what was going on. 

It was reported that the police believe the substitute saw the child hit another student with the book and took the book away from him. She then allegedly told the youngster “What you do to her, I’ll do to you,” after hitting him with the book. 

On January 26, the woman was taken into custody and booked into the Volusia County Jail on suspicion of third-degree felony child abuse. 

She was released from custody the following day. 

The Florida Department of Children and Families was made aware of the allegations, and the woman was fired from her position.  

After the woman was arrested, Volusia County Schools released a statement regarding the incident. They informed the public that “after learning about this unacceptable incident, the substitute teacher was immediately removed from the Volusia County School’s list of approved substitutes.” 

It was also reported that the child’s mother said she intends to press criminal charges against the suspect. 

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