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Summer Camp Instructor Raped Young Girl for Years

After multiple years of working with children at summer camp, an instructor has been accused of sexually assaulting one of the female campers for approximately two years.

24-year-old Joshua Webb lives in Tennessee and has worked in the Nashville area as a camp instructor for at least two years.

Between February 2018 and the end of this July, Webb worked with a group containing an 8-year-old girl with whom he allegedly began an inappropriate and sexual relationship two years ago.

The child reportedly told one of her friends that Webb had sexually touched her body, and the authorities were notified about the allegations.

When speaking with Webb about the accusations, he allegedly told the police that he had been taking part in long-term sexual contact with the girl and that much of it had taken place on field trips in the Goodlettsville area.

According to reports, Webb stated that the sites of the alleged child sexual abuse ranged from the back of a bus used for group events, and this spring, at a place inside of the Rivergate Skate Center that was concealed from view. In the fall of 2019, Webb allegedly admitted to going to the child’s residence and sexually assaulting her.

The man allegedly said he had interacted with the girl sexually at least 20 times in the two years he was charged with the duty of being her camp instructor.

Webb was taken into custody and booked into the Davidson County Jail on an ordered $1.85 million bond.

He is expected to face felony charges for suspicion of seven counts of child rape, and one count of sexual battery for the allegations.

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