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Suspect Posing as Federal Agent Pulled Rank on Police

A man is facing many charges after allegedly getting drunk and threatening the life of an elderly relative, as well as trying to intimidate the responding authorities by reportedly pretending he was a federal agent.

52-year-old George L. Fusco is a former resident of Brookville, Pennsylvania, who worked in the office of the federal forestry service in the Allegheny National Forest. He tendered his resignation in the summer of 2019.

Recently, Fusco was at a residence in Mt. Pleasant Township with a 72-year-old woman with whom he is related.

The man was allegedly very drunk, and it was asserted that he began behaving aggressively toward the woman, who reportedly uses a cane to get around since she had hip surgery.

When the authorities learned about the alleged domestic unrest, state troopers were sent to the home to check on the situation.

The troopers reported that they found the woman trying to stay out of sight behind a tree in the yard on the property.

When they spoke with the alleged victim, she reportedly said that Fusco told her, “the only way he would be able to rid himself of her would be when he buries her,” before advancing on her.

As the troopers tried to initiate contact with Fusco, he reportedly warned them that he held a higher rank than them as a federal law enforcement officer and that they were at risk of having felony complaints filed against them.

Fusco allegedly “took an aggressive stance” against one of the officers, and they put him in cuffs.

Fusco was taken into custody by the state police officers, and he is expected to face charges for suspicion of disorderly conduct, impersonating an officer, reckless endangerment, simple assault, and making terroristic threats. He was incarcerated on a $100,000 bond.

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