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Suspect Slapped Girlfriend with Slice of Pizza

When a man reportedly became angered after his girlfriend tossed his pizza in the garbage, he allegedly struck her with a piece of the pie before the woman reached the receptacle.

On the evening of September 23, 59-year-old Sean Metcalf was spending time with his 51-year-old girlfriend in an apartment in Port Charlotte.

The woman was reportedly tidying up, and she discovered a box of pizza that she believed was empty.

The box was placed amongst the items she had collected on her way to take out the trash, and when Metcalf noticed his girlfriend was carrying it, he reportedly became angry.

The man, who allegedly expressed frustration about his girlfriend touching his personal belongings, reportedly began hollering at her and said he had intended to eat the pizza that night.

When his girlfriend responded to his reported outburst, she flung the pizza box across the room, and the slices inside spilled onto the floor.

Her actions reportedly caused the situation to escalate Metcalf’s temper, and the man allegedly retrieved a piece of the food from the floor and tossed it in his girlfriend’s direction.

When the slice landed, it reportedly hit the woman in the face and chest, and she decided to call the authorities.

When officers arrived at the residence, they reported that fragments of the food were still in the woman’s hair and upper body, which was purported to be “consistent with her statement” about the events that had taken place.

The police talked with Metcalf, he reportedly said that became argumentative with the alleged victim, but asserted that he did not throw the pizza and was not sure why the food was on his girlfriend’s person.

Though Metcalf provided a recorded denial of the pizza attack, the police determined that he was the likely party who caused the incident and placed him under arrest.

Metcalf was booked into the county jail on a $2,000 bond. He is expected to face charges for suspicion of domestic battery and was released from custody the following day.

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