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Suspected Dealer Arrested for Gifting Meth

A man accused of selling drugs out of a storage unit reportedly told the authorities that he was not profiting from the transactions but was giving methamphetamine to the people free of charge.

56-year-old Mark Hiles resides in Altoona, Pennsylvania. According to the police report, the man is receiving disability, and they posited that he is living inside of a local storage unit.

On December 19, the authorities were notified by a security guard working at the Green Avenue Towers. The man told them that he saw people going into the storage unit, which was the site of someone’s death from a possible drug overdose at the end of November.

The police went to the storage unit and tried to knock on the door, but they reported that no one answered. After the officers identified themselves as law enforcement, a man identified as Hiles and a second person identified as Tyler Barley came out of the unit.

When the officer peered into the storage space, it was reported that paraphernalia and baggies containing what was believed to be illicit substances were sitting on a table. Bedding and furniture were also noted as being in set up in the unit.

Hiles and Bartley were reportedly read their rights and arrested, and they both allegedly agreed to give statements about the situation.

While he was talking with the officer, Bartley reportedly told them he and Hiles had an operation where he would find clients to bring back to the unit for methamphetamine sales.

Hiles reportedly gave a statement asserting that only his friends came to the storage unit. He said that they knew that he would give them the drugs if they asked but that he was not making a profit.

When Hiles was patted down by the police, they reportedly discovered that he was holding used paraphernalia, meth, bath salts, and marijuana. It was also recorded that he had $350 cash.

Hiles, who was not involved in the incident involving the overdose death, is expected to face felony drug charges.

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