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Suspects Refuse to Return Stolen Dog to Owners  

A mother and daughter in Tennessee have been charged with theft after allegedly stealing a dog that someone left outside in freezing temperatures during a winter storm and refusing to give it back to the owners. 

Around 5:00 PM on December 23, a deputy with the Bluff City Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office went to a home after they received a complaint about an animal. 

It was reported that the temperature outside was eight degrees Fahrenheit, and the deputy saw a female German Shepherd chained up in the backyard. The owners were not at home. The dog was inside of a makeshift shelter constructed with a plastic doghouse, straw, and a tarp. It was not an enclosed structure. 

The deputy reported the situation to the Sullivan County Animal Control and informed them that the canine’s water bowl had frozen over, and she was without food. 

The animal control representative told the officer that they had already been to the home that day and would return the following day to check on the dog. 

The deputy left water for the dog before he left. 

A few hours later, 911 received a call from the dog’s owners. They reported that they left home to pick up a family member, and when they returned, they tried to bring her inside and saw that she was missing. 

Home security footage showed a vehicle parked in front of the property, and it was reported that the dog was in the car when it pulled away. 

The authorities believed that a local mother and daughter had taken the dog. 

When they tried to get them to return the dog, the pair refused. They also would not tell anyone where the dog was. 

On January 6, the pair were taken into custody on suspicion of theft up to $1,000. 

The women plan to fight against the charges and reportedly said that they rescued the dog. 

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