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Tanker Truck Driver Sped Into Mob of Protesters in Minnesota

A man driving a tanker truck was allegedly speeding as he drove into a massive group of people protesting after the death of George Floyd.

35-year-old Bogdan Vechirko is a driver who works for Kenan Advantage Group located in Ohio.

Around 6:00 pm on March 31, Vechirko was reportedly operating an empty fuel tanker truck on I-35W in Minneapolis.

The man was reportedly traveling at 70 MPH as he approached a bridge where thousands of protesters were gathered for a planned event containing barricades enforcing the road closure.

When Vechirko, who was leaning on his horn at the time, reached the group of protesters he allegedly did not stop until and he caused a large number of people to dodge out of the way of his vehicle to avoid being hit. Some of the people present were able to force him to halt the truck.

The protesters purported that the truck came barreling towards them on purpose and with intent to cause them harm, and some of them began to physically assault Vechirko.

Others in attendance rushed to the man’s aid and safely ushered him to a police vehicle at the scene.

The governor, who reported that he was viewing the live traffic feed during the incident, said he was “breathless” when watching since he thought many people might be killed. He added that he was proud of the peaceful protesters who helped Vechirko remain safe in a potentially dangerous situation.

Vechirko was arrested for suspicion of assault, and he was being held without bail.

The authorities reported that Vechirko was already on the Interstate before the barriers were set in place, and while he was allegedly speeding, they do not think he was trying to harm the people at the protest.

None of the attendants were reported as having any injuries as a result of the alleged incident.

On June 2, Vechirko was released from incarceration, and it has not yet been decided if official charges will be filed against him.

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