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Tech-Savvy Students Used Illegal Means to Dodge Exams

Two 9th grade student allegedly used their computer smarts to illegally interfere with their school’s internet connection on several occasions so that they wouldn’t have to take tests.

At Secaucus High School in New Jersey, two boys, age 14, allegedly took down the internet connection that is essential for much of the schoolwork on the campus. The purported connection-crashing shenanigans appeared to correlate with the times that tests were scheduled to take place in the classes of the accused students.

Last Thursday, school officials notified the authorities to report the allegedly intentional web blackouts and give the police the names of the students that they suspected were the responsible parties.

The accusations have resulted in each of the alleged suspects being charged with computer criminal activity, and conspiracy to commit computer criminal activity. There has been speculation that they used software in order to cause the system failure.

When other students caught wind of the situation their responses fell all over the spectrum, ranging from awe of the alleged offenders’ proficiency with electronics to frustration over lost time meant for school assignments. The overall response appears to suggest that most believed the escapade was a frivolous gag taken too far.

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