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Teen DUI Suspect Fled from Police in Stolen Car 

Three teenagers in Washington state were taken into custody for running from the police in an allegedly stolen vehicle while intoxicated. 

Just before midnight on February 26, deputies with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department were patrolling in Parkland when they saw a Kia go by that was reportedly being driven over the speed limit. They also believed that the car was being operated unsafely when the driver reportedly began going down the wrong side of the road. 

According to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department blotter webpage, deputies had to use stop sticks, and it was believed that the car was going 90 MPH when it hit them. The police additionally used a PIT maneuver to force the driver to slow the car, which had most of its tires deflated. The vehicle spun to a stop, and the driver and two passengers got out. 

It was reported that as soon as they exited the car, the three teen boys started to run away from the scene. 

An officer from the Tacoma Police Department assisted a deputy in chasing after the boys. 

When the authorities collected information about the situation, they reportedly learned that the Kia had been reported stolen. 

The 15-year-old driver reportedly had a ski mask on, and it was learned that the passengers were both 14-year-olds. 

When the driver was searched, the police reported that he had “a bottle of tequila and a marijuana pipe on him.” 

All three teens were booked into the Remann Hall Pierce County Juvenile Detention Center. 

The driver is accused of possession of a stolen vehicle, DUI, and eluding, and both passengers are facing possible charges for possession of a stolen vehicle. 

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