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Teen Waitress Sexually Assaulted by Groom at Wedding

A teenage waitress working at a wedding has alleged that during the reception the groom propositioned her and tried to have sex with her more than once.

31-year-old Matthew Aimers and his bride chose the Northampton Valley Country Club in Richboro, PA, as the venue for their wedding reception on November 24.

During the celebration, a teenage girl who was working the event reported that over the course of the night the groom tried to make gratuitous sexual moves on her that caused her to believe that the newlywed was trying to pursue an extramarital affair.

The alleged victim said that Aimers, who appeared to be happy and having a good time with his bride, propositioned her to leave the party so they could “make out.” The girl reported that she was able to stave off his advances by telling him she was on the clock.

When the teen went into the bathroom she stated that Aimers allegedly went in after her and pushed her into one of the stalls against her will, where she said he performed several acts such as taking his penis out of his pants and touching her with it. She also purported that she and Aimers kissed and took part in other acts that she alleged were sexual in nature and done without her consent. The girl said that Aimers additionally tried to give her $100 if she would give in to his requests.

After rejecting his alleged offer the waitress reported that she left the restroom and returned to work.

A bit later into the evening, the authorities made an appearance at the reception after one of the men who works for the venue reported that Aimers was trying to bring liquor outside of the building, and when he told him that he was not allowed to do that the groom responded by punching him.

The cops reported that they saw Aimers outside of the building physically assaulting several people, but before they were able to approach him he allegedly entered one of the shuttle buses and would not exit it when they asked him to come out.

One of the officers reportedly made his way onto the bus and while Aimers allegedly flung insults at him he was able to escort him out of the vehicle.

Aimers was taken into custody and the officers reported that he was not cooperative with them throughout the process of detaining him.

At his arraignment on Wednesday, Aimers was issued charges of indecent assault, indecent exposure, imprisonment of a minor, corruption of minors, harassment, simple assault and disorderly conduct for his alleged behavior during his wedding reception.

His attorney issued a statement in order to make it known that he, in addition to Aimers and his wife, is committed to supporting the man’s innocence of the allegations.

The marriage between Aimers and his wife has not been negatively affected by the charges and the new bride plans to stand by her man during the upcoming hearing.

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