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Teens Arrested For Going on Epic Stolen Credit Card Spending Spree

Mclaren_mp4-12c_goodwood_festival_of_speed_2010Two teens were arrested in Sonoma County on June 5 and now face charges for credit card fraud, receiving stolen property, identity theft and vehicle theft after the teens allegedly rented a $240,000 McLaren 12C using one or more stolen credit cards.

The 19-year old teens were somehow able to rent the McLaren, which is unusual because car rental agencies do not usually allow drivers under the age of 25 to rent high-end sports cars. They reportedly paid the $13,000 rental payment for the car and were able to get the keys before the agency realized the credit card was stolen.

Their troubles do not end there, however. The previous night, a large party was broken up in a luxury $12 million Glen Ellen vacation home that was also rented by the teens using a stolen credit card. The home cost $27,000 to rent.

The teens were pulled over by the Sonoma County sheriff on the way back from a court hearing where, not surprisingly, one of the teens was being charged with trying to buy $10,000 worth of Apple merchandise with a stolen credit card.

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