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Three Arrested When Police Found Pound of Meth in Vehicle

When the authorities performed a traffic stop on a vehicle in Oklahoma City, they arrested the three occupants of the car when one pound of methamphetamine was allegedly discovered hidden inside the dashboard.

Last Wednesday, the Oklahoma City Sheriff’s Office Warrant Team reportedly spotted a vehicle driving in South Oklahoma City with three occupants, and the car allegedly had a problem with a tail light in addition to what appeared to be a falsified tag.

When the authorities pulled over the Ford, Taurus to discuss the situation, they identified the occupants of the vehicle as 44-year-old Juan Valtierra, 34-year-old Patrick Chance, and 27-year-old Brena Saunders.

It was asserted by a deputy at the scene that an odor indicative of marijuana was coming from inside the vehicle.

When the driver was asked if he would consent to a search of the car, they reportedly complied with the request and granted permission and the authorities began to inspect the inside of the vehicle.

As reported by the Oklahoma City Sheriff’s Office, when the deputies began to look around inside the interior they found more than $13,000 in cash.

Following their finding of the money, the police allegedly stumbled upon a section of the dashboard that appeared to have been modified and turned into a hidden compartment.

The deputies looked inside the purported intentionally created nook, and they allegedly came across one pound of methamphetamine.

Valtierra, Chance, and Saunders were placed under arrest and each was booked into the county jail for suspicion of trafficking illegal drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, and acquiring proceeds in violation of uniform controlled dangerous substances act.

They are each being held on in lieu of a $30,000 bond.

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