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Tossed Pizza Scalded Ex-Boyfriend in Domestic Dispute

A Florida woman and her ex-boyfriend were arrested after she allegedly burned and injured the man with pizza during an argument.

32-year-old Becky Bartlett and her ex-boyfriend reportedly still reside together in St. Petersburg despite the dissolving of their romantic relationship.

On June 23, Bartlett and her ex-beau were reportedly verbally sniping at each other throughout the day.

The man reportedly felt that if he left the residence he might be able to give them some space to cool down and put a halt to their arguing.

After staying away from home until approximately 3:00 am the following day, the man reportedly found Bartlett asleep on the sofa, and he decided he wanted to throw a pizza in the oven.

Bartlett allegedly sprung up from her slumber and pulled the pie out of the oven. She reportedly proceeded to toss the pizza at her ex, and the man’s hand was burned.

The St. Petersburg Police Department responded to a report of the alleged incident, and when they walked into the residence, they reported that the man, identified as Robert Ybarra, had particles of food on his clothes. It was additionally reported that he had a slight burn mark on top of his hand, and it was purported to be a result of contact with the scalding pizza.

The authorities asserted that Bartlett was the aggressor in the alleged incident, but they also ran a check on Ybarra.

It was discovered that Ybarra was violating a felony warrant obtained in Colorado in 2016.

Bartlett was taken into custody, and she is expected to face a charge for suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery.

She was booked into the Pinellas County Jail where she remained until later that day when she was released with stipulations of a no-contact order, being disallowed from owning or possessing a firearm or ammunition, and traveling outside the county without the court permitting it.

Ybarra is being held at the county jail without bail.

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