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UC San Diego Student Exposed for Theft of Student’s Panties

A UC San Diego freshman has been implicated as the perpetrator in the disappearance of hundreds of pairs of underwear taken from the Sixth College dormitory laundry rooms. The thefts reportedly took place over a period of weeks before the suspect was caught in the act by a victim, leading to his arrest.

Weeks before David Chou, the alleged culprit, was captured students of UCSD’s Sixth College saw a sign posted in the area of the resident laundry rooms alerting of more than one incident where underwear was stolen. Several students continued to come forward with claims of missing undergarments, and a few weeks following the first warning a duplicate notice was posted encouraging the students to monitor their laundry at all times to deter the thief.

When one woman who requested to remain anonymous reported to her dorm advisor that an entire washing machine load of her laundry had gone missing containing up to 14 pairs of panties, she was assisted in reporting the event to campus police. They informed her that they were unable to facilitate further than suggesting she bring a companion along while doing laundry in order to better ensure her safety. She vented in a post on social media about what had happened to her, and Chou showed much hubris by leaving a humorous retort in the comment section.

On October 27, a student spotted Chou walking off with her laundry through the Sixth College quad, and she tailed him to his dorm room where she tried to confront him. Chou did not open his door, and the female instantly called law enforcement.

On initial inspection of Chou’s room officers found a box holding a total of 192 pairs of women’s panties. Two additional boxes were found, and the worth of the undergarments was valued at approximately $2,000.

Chou was taken into custody by UCSD police and charged with burglary, grand theft, and receiving known stolen property. The clothing remains in possession of the police department where owners are encouraged to reclaim them if they choose, though they cautioned against putting them on, as Chou allegedly professed he had worn them.

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