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Unlicensed Surgeon Botched Home Castration

A Sebring, Florida, man allegedly attempted to perform a medical castration upon a male that he met on the internet, and the unsuccessful surgical procedure reportedly yielded near-fatal results.

Just before midnight on August 18, 911 answered a call, but before the operator was able to collect information the line was disconnected by the caller.

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office used the address associated with the call placed to emergency services, and deputies went to the residence to find out if someone was in need of assistance.

When the deputies summoned, 74-year-old Gary Van Ryswyk, the reported owner of the home, answered the door.

They inquired about the call placed to 911, and Van Ryswyk allegedly shared information with the police stating that he had removed a man’s testicles that night at his home.

The alleged victim was discovered in a guest room using a towel to apply pressure to the bleeding spot where his testicles used to be, while the appendages themselves were reportedly found stored inside of a jar.

The man’s condition was assessed and it was determined that he would need to be flown to a nearby county for the type of intensive “life-saving measures” he required.

The authorities questioned Van Ryswyk about the incident and the man allegedly told them that while he has not received any formal medical training, he removed one of his own testicles seven years ago. He additionally explained that he had resided and worked on farmland as a child and he would castrate the bulls and other animals when required.

When discussing how the men became acquainted, Van Ryswyk reportedly told the authorities that he was using the Discord chat app and they came into contact on a website dedicated to people interested in eunuch culture, which is allegedly a fetish for the suspect.

Upon inspection of Van Ryswyk’s home, a room that was purported to be the place where the man performed the surgery was discovered containing several medical instruments and prescriptions, of which the suspect allegedly said he bought on the internet.

Van Ryswyk was placed under arrest and booked into the county jail. He is facing a felony charge for suspicion of practicing medicine without a license resulting in bodily injury and a bond for his release was set at $250,000.

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