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Unmistakable Florida Man Tried to Use 911 as Taxi Service

A suspect with a forehead tattoo that strongly suggests he is a Florida man was arrested after allegedly abusing the 911 system by requesting rides for personal trips.

22-year-old Matthew Kyle Leatham hails from New Port Richey. He is employed as a cook in a local restaurant, and he has a tattoo in the shape of the state of Florida in the middle of his forehead.

Early in the morning on January 31, Leatham was out and about without a vehicle.

As he was trekking on foot, Leatham reportedly decided he would try to find someone to give him a lift back to his residence.

There was no one Leatham was able to call for a ride at the time and reportedly decided to call 911 and see if he could have someone pick him up and take him back to his dwelling.

During the call, Leatham allegedly used swear words to express his discontent about being denied the service he requested.

An officer made contact with Leatham, and the man allegedly admitted that he called the emergency line to try to secure a ride.

When the officer asked if Leatham would like him to call a cab, the man explained that he lacked the funds to pay for it, and he started to walk home.

A short time after he spoke with the officer, Leatham allegedly called 911 a second time to ask for a ride.

The officer that initially talked to Leatham was connected on the call to assist the operator.

It was purported that Leatham did not have a legitimate emergency reason to use 911 services, and he was taken into custody and booked into the Pasco County Jail on an initial $300 bond. He was later released on his own recognizance.

Leatham is expected to face charges for suspicion of misdemeanor misuse of the 911 system, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana—less than 20 grams.

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