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Unruly Woman Injured Officer When Removed from Plane 

A woman may face many charges after allegedly threatening to physically fight a passenger on an airplane and assaulting the responding law enforcement officers. 

On March 21, a woman from Texas was on a Frontier Airlines flight to Philadelphia from Miami International Airport. 

The plane was still on the tarmac when the woman allegedly threatened to harm a seated passenger. 

One of the other passengers on the plane began to record the incident as it unfolded. 

Flight crew members tried to de-escalate the argument, but the woman reportedly continued screaming at the man and used foul language while threatening to beat him up. 

The crew decided to ask the 24-year-old woman to get off the plane. She refused, and the flight crew called the authorities for assistance. 

The police boarded the plane when they arrived, and they tried to get the woman to cooperate, but she reportedly would not.  

It was reported that when they tried to put her in handcuffs, the woman struggled and fought against them. She allegedly clawed an officer with her fingernails as she tried to break free. 

When the woman was detained, she reportedly resisted on the way to the police vehicle. In addition to trying to bite three officers, she allegedly kicked an officer in the chest, and he fell down a staircase. 

The woman was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on suspicion of two counts of battery on a police officer, three counts of misdemeanor assault on a police officer, one count of resisting an officer with violence, and trespassing. She was released the following day after posting a bond. 

The passenger on the plane who took the video shared the full one-minute clip on social media. 

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