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Wife Caught Husband and Mother-in-Law Having Sex

A mother and her biological son could spend decades in prison after her daughter-in-law claimed she walked in and saw the pair engaged in sexual relations.

At the end of May, 64-year-old Cheryl Lavoie and her son Tony, 43, were reportedly spending time together while Tony’s wife was not present.

Tony and Cheryl were in the living room when his wife reportedly entered and found them in the nude and in the middle of having sexual intercourse.

The woman reportedly went to her room and notified her cousin before calling the authorities.

Before the police arrived, Tony’s wife’s cousin came to the home, and she was the first person to encounter the officers.

After she gave her statement, the officers talked with Tony’s wife, and she told them her account of what she saw happening between the mother and son. She reportedly added that she believed they had an intimate connection before this incident, and she requested that the police force her mother-in-law to leave the residence.

The authorities talked to Tony and Cheryl separately, and Tony was described by the officer as presenting himself as if he was embarrassed while allegedly admitting to the sexual encounter. He reportedly stated that he wanted help from a professional.

Cheryl also reportedly confirmed that the allegations of sexual intercourse between herself and her son were true, and she said that it was not planned, but they “had sex after [we were] kissing.”

Tony and Cheryl Lavoie were charged for suspicion of felony incest, and they both pleaded not guilty to the allegations at their arraignments.

They were each released from custody with orders prohibiting them from contact with one another, and arrangements were made so that Cheryl could reside in a shelter.

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