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Wife Smacked in Face with Pizza During Argument 

While a woman and her husband were in the middle of an argument, he allegedly smacked her across the face with a slice of pizza causing the police to go to the home. 

On March 13, a 39-year-old Florida man and his wife were in their residence. The couple had a pizza in the kitchen, and they were having an argument regarding their son. 

The dispute continued escalating, and the man allegedly became physically aggressive. 

According to reports, the woman’s husband grabbed a slice of pizza and slapped her across the face with it, causing remnants of the pie to splatter on her shirt, in addition to her hair, and the left side of her face near her ear. The walls and ceiling were also splattered with sauce. 

The authorities were notified about the alleged domestic unrest, and officers were sent to the address to see what was happening. 

It was reported that when the police spoke to the alleged victim, they could see the food was still on her face and clothing. They also reportedly noticed red sauce on the kitchen ceiling and walls. 

The woman’s husband was restrained and read his Miranda rights.  

The man reportedly decided to talk to the officer about the incident without having an attorney present. He allegedly said that he did hit his wife with a slice of pizza but told them that he threw it and did not hit her with his hand.  

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Marion County Jail. He may face charges of misdemeanor battery for the suspected saucy crime. He was released from incarceration the following day. 

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