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Woman Blasted 911 With Calls to Use Police as Ride Service

A woman from Eagle Lake, Florida was arrested after she allegedly dialed 911 many times in a purported attempt to get a ride to a different city.

Sarah Alameh is a 31-year-old woman who resides in Eagle Lake, a city about an hour south of Orlando.

In the early morning hours on June 24, Alameh was reportedly in the parking lot outside a hospital.

According to the Winter Haven Police Department, the area’s 911 service received a call at 2:45 am, and the voice on the other end reportedly only said “hello,” before disconnecting the call.

Law enforcement went to the area where the call was tracked, and they did not spot anyone in the area.

About 15 minutes after the first call, a second call was received by 911, but the caller disconnected without identifying themselves.

Officers drove to the traced approximate location and reportedly discovered Alameh, who allegedly disclosed that she was the party who had called, in the hospital parking lot.

When they interacted with the woman and asked what she needed, Alameh allegedly said she wanted them to give her a ride to another town.

Before leaving the scene, Alameh was warned that calling 911 for such reasons is not allowed. The woman was told to leave the hospital grounds unless she was there for medical purposes.

In response to being denied a lift, Alameh reportedly went to the sidewalk just off the property and called 911 to issue a complaint about the way she had been treated by the officer.

Police went back to the place where Alameh was making the calls and gave her a second warning about dialing 911, adding that it is reserved for people with an immediate need for emergency service.

The woman allegedly ignored the information and placed a fourth call, and law enforcement determined that she should be apprehended.

Alameh was arrested and given a ride to the Polk County Jail, where she was booked for suspicion of misuse of 911.

She was released the following day on a $500 surety bond.

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