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Woman Called 911 When Parents Cancelled Her Cell Phone

An Ohio woman is facing legal penalties after she allegedly called 911 and reported that she required emergency assistance because her parents had deactivated her cell phone service.

Just before 6:00 pm on February 13, a call was received by 911 from a female who wanted to report an emergency that was taking place.

When the dispatcher began to speak with the woman they reportedly learned that the cause of her heightened state of distress was caused by her parents deciding to disconnect the service to her personal cell phone.

The operator explained to the caller, identified as 36-year-old Seloni Khetarpal that the number was designated for people in need of emergency assistance from the authorities and that her cell phone problem did not fit the criteria. Before disconnecting the line, it was reported that the operator asked Khetarpal to abide by the rules of the system and refrain from placing further non-emergency calls.

Nearly 2-hours later, a woman believed to be Khetarpal dialed 911 again in what was described in the police report as a “belligerent” state. The woman allegedly again asked for police assistance at her home adjacent to the Glenmoor Country Club in Canton and reportedly insisted that her issue was an emergency that the authorities should take seriously.

When the Jackson County Police Department granted Khetarpal’s wish for law enforcement presence, it was not for the reason she had summoned, but they instead sent officers and placed her under arrest for abusing the 911 service.

Khetarpal was booked into the Stark County Jail in lieu of a $2500 bond, of which she paid and was released from incarceration. She has been accused of disrupting public services, which, in Ohio, is a fourth-degree felony charge.

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