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Woman Jailed For Calling Out Racist Family on Facebook

A woman who allegedly posted screenshots of racist messages sent to her by her parents was arrested when it was asserted that she broke the law by doing so.

21-year-old Kaileigh Schmidt lives in Petal, Mississipi.

Schmidt and her parents, who reside in Ellisville, were recently reportedly experiencing family tension regarding their reaction to her going to a party where black people were in attendance.

When confronted in person, Schmidt reported that her mother had physically assaulted her, and her cousin took her vehicle and cell phone without her permission.

On June 5, Schmidt created a Facebook post saying that instead of calling the police she wanted to out her parents for their racist behavior. She attached screenshots of text messages containing several racial slurs such as, “The black people fighting and acting fools are like animals not human,” and her father informing her that her mother cried when she learned Schmidt went to a party that had black guests.

When Schmidt’s effort to display her parents’ behavior was viewed by the public, thousands of people responded angrily by issuing threats against them and berating them for their blatant racism.

On June 7, Schmidt wrote a follow-up post asking people to stop threatening violence, which she does not condone.

On June 10, Schmidt’s parents filed charges in the Jones County Justice Court against her with allegations that she illegally posted their personal business in the public view.

Schmidt was arrested, and she was initially charged with two misdemeanor counts for suspicion of obscene communications.

Her lawyer, who initially stated that he believed the charges were nonviable, announced on social media Thursday that Schmidt was freed from custody and the charges were dropped.

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