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Woman Offered Cop Sex Act in Exchange for E-Cigarette

When her boyfriend was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence, the woman, who was not detained during the initial incident, was arrested and charged after allegedly behaving in a lewd manner in front of the authorities.

Just before 2:30 am on August 30, an officer from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office was cruising down the highway in Leesburg when they spotted a truck parked in the middle of the road.

A female was reportedly seen sitting on the median as the officer got closer, and when speaking with her she was identified as 19-year-old Madison Ann Bryant.

Bryant was recorded as telling the officer that she and her boyfriend were having trouble getting along while they were on the road together after they left a party. Bryant said she asked her boyfriend to pull over and allow her to let her out of the vehicle. It was also noted in the police report that the woman was as being severely intoxicated and issuing incoherent statements.

Two additional officers arrived at the scene, and while interacting with Bryant’s 22-year-old beau, they asserted that he had been consuming alcohol, and felt there was enough probable cause to assume he had been operating the vehicle.

Since Bryant’s boyfriend was apprehended for suspicion of DUI, the woman found herself without a ride home, and deputies stayed with her to wait for someone to retrieve her.

Before her ride arrived, Bryant allegedly told the authorities that she had to urinate. When a deputy offered her a ride to a nearby facility, Bryant refused several times before she stood in front of a police vehicle and peed on the road.

After her alleged act of defiance, Bryant was taken into custody for public intoxication, and her Juul e-cigarette was taken from her during her arrest.

While on the way to the jail, a deputy reported that Bryant told him she used the Juul for anxiety and requested he allow her to use it.

The deputy further accused Bryant of offering to perform oral sex on him if he gave her the device.

When she was booked into the county jail, Bryant was charged for suspicion of felony bribery in addition to the initial public intoxication accusation.

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