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Woman Responded to Holiday Greeting With Assault

After being wished a Merry Christmas, a woman allegedly assaulted the person who issued the greeting by beating her on the head.

On Christmas, at a residence in Cincinnati, Ohio, two women reportedly had an altercation which was allegedly brought on by one of them using the greeting “Merry Christmas.”

32-year-old Henrietta Bush, whose acquaintance with the alleged victim was not made clear in the reports, has been accused of responding to the holiday wishes using her fists to pummel the woman on her head.

When the authorities arrived, they noted that the alleged victim had suffered from injuries that were visible and purportedly caused on purpose, according to the affidavit.

Instead of celebrating the holiday, Bush was taken into custody for suspicion of misdemeanor assault. She was booked into the Hamilton County Jail for her alleged lack of holiday cheer, and her bond was set at $10,000.

According to jail records, Bush, who has a list of several prior legal offenses, is still in custody as of January 31 and will spend her New Year’s Eve in jail unless she posts bond. She is awaiting a scheduled court appearance at the Hamilton County Municipal Court during the second week of the new decade.

There have been no reports on how badly the alleged victim was injured and no updates on her condition have been released at this time.

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