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Woman Suspected of Lying Under Oath in Boyfriend’s Trial for Rape of Teen

In October 2016, a Huntington Beach woman took the stand as a witness in defense her boyfriend who was charged with the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. Her boyfriend was found guilty and sentenced. The woman was arrested on Thursday for allegations of providing false testimony during the trial in order to protect him from a conviction.

Jeffrey Scott Jones, boyfriend of 50-year-old Cynthia Marie Dunaway-Erickson, stood trial for raping a teenage girl living under her care. The victim told her friend’s mother about the sexual assault and the mother reported it to the police. Officers took the girl for a rape examination where DNA was collected and examined. When the sample matched Jones’ DNA he was taken into custody.

Dunaway-Erickson testified on behalf of Jones, and she confirmed the defense’s claim that the semen was discovered inside the girl because she and Jones used the same towel.

Jones was found guilty and in March he was sentenced to 46 years to life, with orders to register as a sex offender.

Inconsistencies between the victim’s statements and Dunaway-Erickson’s recorded testimony to Huntington Beach Police Department were noticed, and the Orange County District Attorney’s office began an investigation alongside HBPD.

Dunaway-Erickson was taken into custody and accused of perjury under oath and accessory after the fact, both felony counts. She has not entered a plea, and an arraignment date has not been set. If found guilty of the allegations Dunaway-Erickson could serve up to five years and four months in prison.

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