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Woman Threw Steak at Partner During Beef 

A woman may be charged after she reportedly became tired of the way her partner was acting during a dispute and allegedly threw a steak in his direction. 

42-year-old Rochelle Wright has been in a domestic relationship with her partner for two decades, and the pair have a child. They live in Tarpon Springs, Florida. 

Around 6:00 pm on August 7, Wright’s beau was sitting in a chair while she was cooking dinner. 

According to reports, the couple became embroiled in an argument while Wright was preparing the meal. 

The situation reportedly escalated to the point that the heated woman allegedly picked up a piece of the steak that she was making for dinner. She reportedly threw the meat in her partner’s direction. 

The piece of beef reportedly smacked into the arm of the chair in which the man was seated, and its airborne journey ended when it struck the wall behind him. 

Officers from the Tarpon Springs Police Department went to the home regarding the alleged domestic dispute. 

When they arrived, the police spoke to Wright about the situation. They also reported that she and her partner were both intoxicated during the incident. 

It was reported that after she was read her rights, Wright chose to talk to the officers about the situation without an attorney present. She allegedly told them that she was frustrated by the way her partner was acting and that she did not want to continue arguing with him. 

Wright was taken into custody and booked into the Pinellas County Jail. She may face one misdemeanor count for domestic assault. Wright was released from custody on her own recognizance the following day. 

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