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Woman Violated Bond and Stabbed Ex in Head

A woman from Maine who is out of bail for allegedly assaulting her ex in a prior incident reportedly stabbed him in the head during a dispute over physical custody of their child.

Recently, a couple from Norridgewock who have a 3-year-old daughter together were involved in a situation resulting in the arrest of the woman for alleged domestic violence against the man. When she was released on bail, she was ordered to stay away from her ex and his house.

On the evening of December 7, the 40-year-old woman allegedly violated the bail requirements and went to the man’s residence. Since they split up, they have shared custody of the child, and the youngster was at his home at the time. The woman was trying to get her ex to hand over the child, and they got into a dispute.

The situation intensified, and the woman allegedly picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed the man in the head. She reportedly took her daughter and left the residence, leaving her ex behind with a bleeding wound.

When the authorities were alerted, they learned that the man had been attacked with a serrated kitchen knife and they had him transported to the hospital for medical treatment. An investigation was opened, and they began trying to locate the woman.

According to reports, it was not long before they discovered the woman was at her residence with the child.

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Somerset County Jail. She is currently facing preliminary charges of aggravated domestic violence assault and violating conditions of release, but it was reported that the district attorney is considering additional charges.

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