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Woman Wearing Anti-Drug Shirt Arrested for Possession

In an ironic situation, a Texas woman was arrested for a drug crime while she was wearing a “D.A.R.E.” anti-drug tee shirt.

According to reports, a vehicle was being driven through Jim Wells County, which is in the Corpus Christi statistical area.

The reason for pulling the car over has not yet been disclosed, but the officer performed a traffic stop.

The driver pulled the vehicle over, and the officer noted that they had passengers in the car. The officer identified everyone present and ran checks on them.

A female passenger was sitting in one of the back seats, and the officer found that the woman had an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

The officer told the woman that the warrant showed up, and she reportedly talked to him about the situation. She reportedly added that she knew she also had an outstanding warrant in a nearby county.

The woman got out of the car when the officer asked. When she was patted down, she was not found with any illegal substances on her person.

She was asked if she had any belongings in the vehicle, and the woman said her purse was inside. She said it had an over-the-counter pain reliever bottle in the bag and it was holding antibiotics.

The officer checked the purse and asserted that the pills were Xanax and not antibiotics.

Since drugs were allegedly found in the passenger’s purse, officers inspected the rest of the inside of the car.

It was reported that they found a scale, cocaine. They also said they found unused plastic baggies. The authorities surmised that the bags were intended for use during drug sales.

The passenger was placed under arrest and booked into the Jim Wells County Jail. She is expected to face charges on suspicion of narcotics possession.

In her mugshot, the 35-year-old woman can be seen wearing a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education): “Keeping Kids off Drugs” tee shirt.

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