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Woman with Avocado-Size Drug Bag in Vagina Arrested

Early last week, a woman from Indiana was arrested and charged when the authorities allegedly discovered a bag full of drugs the size of an avocado in her vagina.

On September 4, a deputy from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department was at a Phillips 66 gas station in Richmond, Ohio. He noticed a group of people standing together and assumed they were partaking in a drug deal.

A woman broke off from the group and got into a vehicle. She left the gas station parking lot, and the deputy, who had a K9 officer in the car, followed behind her. When she made a turn, the officer alleged that she didn’t use her turn signal, and he pulled her over.

When the K9 inspected the vehicle the woman was driving, the dog reacted as if it detected drugs.

Immediately after the K9 signaled that there might be a substance present, the woman said she felt like she was having a heart attack. When emergency medical technicians tried to administer treatment, the woman reportedly declined.

She was transported to a local hospital, and the woman did not want to take off her clothes. She kept asking to use the restroom, but she was kept from going.

The authorities asserted that she had drugs on her and that she was trying to ditch them in the bathroom.

According to reports, the woman started to remove her clothes with a nurse in the room, and the nurse believed it looked like she had a plastic bag hidden inside her.

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Wayne County Jail, where she had a body scan that revealed something foreign in her pelvis. She allegedly pulled what the police called an “avocado-sized” package of drugs from her vagina.

She is facing preliminary charges for one count of dealing methamphetamine – 10 or more grams, one count of dealing a narcotic drug – possession with intent to distribute fentanyl, one count of dealing cocaine – between five and 10 grams, and one count of dealing a Schedule III controlled substance. She was released from custody the following day after posting a $4,500 bond.

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