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Woman’s Leg Amputated After Being Shot by Boyfriend

A Texas man is facing many charges after allegedly shooting his girlfriend in the foot last month, resulting in her leg being amputated from the injury.

On August 6, a 26-year-old man from San Antonio was hanging out with his 36-year-old girlfriend. According to reports, at the time, the couple had been together for approximately one month.

The man allegedly grabbed a shotgun and pointed it at his girlfriend for reasons not currently made public. He reportedly pulled the trigger, and a bullet struck her in the ankle area of her foot. He left the residence immediately afterward.

The authorities were notified, and when first responders arrived, they believed she needed immediate medical treatment, and they rushed the woman to the hospital.

The police met with the woman at the hospital. When they spoke to her, they reported that she said her boyfriend was the person who shot her, and he had done it intentionally.

The doctors reported that the woman had extensive nerve damage to her foot, and they had to amputate her leg below the knee.

The authorities were unsuccessful when looking for the suspect, even after obtaining a warrant.

According to jail records, the man was located around 5:00 PM on September 16 and taken into custody.

He was booked into the Bexar County jail. He is preliminarily facing many charges, including two counts of first-degree felony aggravated robbery, first-degree felony assault with a deadly weapon, third-degree felony possession of a firearm, third-degree felony evading arrest, third-degree felony parole violation, misdemeanor evading arrest or detention, and misdemeanor giving false identification or information.

He was held on a $150,000 bond and released the following morning.

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