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11-Year-Old Accosts Intruder in His Home

When a stranger entered a family home through an unlocked door early on Wednesday morning the 11-year-old boy who lives there approached him causing the man to leave the premises.

Just after midnight on August 22, 11-year-old Nathan Markos was watching television while his parents were asleep, and he heard some strange noises coming from the kitchen of their house.

The boy reportedly heard the sound of the refrigerator door opening and went into the kitchen to investigate. He saw a man standing in front of the opened door of the fridge and the man standing there allegedly asked him if it was alright if he helped himself to some beverages.

Markos told the man that he could not, and the intruder reportedly exited the house allegedly taking a couple of wine coolers and a plate of food. Markos woke up his mother to let her know what had transpired and the police were notified.

The Markos’ gave a statement reporting that they had not been locking their doors which they believe left them vulnerable to the incident, but that they were going to begin implementing the practice after the alleged experience.

While officers were patrolling the area they came upon 19-year-old Jeremy Hauber as he was walking with another person of the same age near the Markos’ residence.

When the police talked to the men to find out if they had anything to do with the reported unsolicited entry that they received the call about they allegedly disclosed that they had been drinking alcohol and that they had just left an inpatient addiction treatment center.

The police determined that Hauber and the man with him were the possible perpetrators that they had been searching for regarding the incident at the Markos’ home. Both of the men were placed under arrest on suspicion of home invasion.

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