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2 Cannibals Performed Illegal Castration Surgeries in a Cabin

Two men asserted to be cannibals reportedly using a cabin in Oklahoma as a surgical lab were arrested for allegedly performing illegal castrations.

A 28-year-old man from Virginia seeking castration reportedly contacted a man, identified as 53-year-old Bob Allen Lee, when he came across him on the Eunuchmaker website.

When the man placed the call, Lee reportedly said he had over a decade and a half of experience. Lee additionally allegedly said the surgery would not cost the man any money, and told him that he planned to record a video of the procedure.

The man was reportedly instructed to meet Lee at an Oklahoma cabin on October 12, where Lee said he has a lab set up for performing surgeries.

After he arrived, the man reportedly met Lee, in addition to 42-year-old Thomas Evans Gates, who allegedly acted as Lee’s surgical assistant.

The man said he was given anesthesia injections at the onset of the two-hour castration, during which he remained awake.

After the procedure concluded, Lee allegedly disclosed that he is a cannibal and planned to eat the body parts he had removed.

Lee also reportedly had the amputated parts of other patients in his freezer and alleged that half a dozen new clients were scheduled for procedures.

When the man awoke the next day, he was reportedly still bleeding quite a bit from the surgery. Lee and Gates brought him to the hospital after allegedly warning him against mentioning their involvement. The alleged victim was also reportedly told he should say he had performed the surgical procedure on himself.

The alleged victim entered the hospital and reported the situation. He was admitted and given treatment, and the authorities were notified.

Three days following the alleged illegal surgery, Lee and Gates went to the hospital to see the man, and the police intercepted them.

Both men were placed under arrest, and they are each facing charges for suspicion of medical battery maiming, desecration of a human member, aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon resulting in great bodily injury, conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance or paraphernalia, and outraging public decency with gross injury.

They were each incarcerated on $295,000 bonds.

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