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78-Year-Old Lost Ear and Part of Face in Horrific Assault 

The Portland police made an arrest and are continuing their investigation of a savage attack on a 78-year-old man who had half of his face and one of his ears bitten off by a man on a MAX transit station platform. 

Around 2:00 AM on January 2, a man was at the Cleveland Ave. MAX Transit Station in Gresham. The light rail was not operating at the time. 

Some people in the area reportedly noticed that the man was being attacked by a younger man. They believed the older gentleman had been stabbed during the event, which was ongoing. 

The authorities were notified, and they were informed by the callers that they could see a lot of blood at the site. Officers with the Gresham Police Department, in addition to deputies from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, went to the location to investigate. 

The suspect was still at the scene and reportedly on top of the man when the law enforcement officers arrived. 

After grabbing the suspect, the police noticed that the alleged victim’s injuries looked severe. They reported that his ear and part of his face were missing. They also said the attack on his face was so brutal that his skull was visible. 

According to reports, the authorities asserted that the suspect used his teeth and chewed the victim’s face. 

The alleged victim was taken to a local hospital for emergency medical treatment. 

When they asked the alleged attacker for his name, the man reportedly provided them with a fake one. 

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Multnomah County Jail. The police used his fingerprints to learn his real identity. The 25-year-old is facing an assault charge. 

It was reported that the suspect said he used alcohol, marijuana, and fentanyl. The authorities are still investigating whether drug and alcohol use was the reason for the incident. 

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