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Actor Gets DUI After Police Try to Assist With Uber

A man who formerly starred on a popular soap opera was allegedly intoxicated and helped by police officers when he was unable to order an Uber, but he was still charged with DUI when he did not take the Uber home and went to his vehicle instead.

On Sunday, May 20, 37-year-old Justin Torkildsen, a Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor who previously worked on The Young and the Restless was a patron in the St. Julien Hotel. While the Boulder, Colorado, native was there he reported that he had consumed four beverages resembling fruit punch and as he attempted to depart the staff believed he was intoxicated. They notified the Boulder Police for fear that it would be dangerous if Torkildsen attempted to drive in that condition.

Police arrived near 1:00 a.m. and they allegedly witnessed signs of inebriation in the way that Torkildsen was carrying himself.

Torkildsen spoke with the officers and told them that he was not planning to drive, but he was trying to order an Uber to bring him home. When he was struggling with notifying the service one of the officers asked if he would like assistance and he accepted.

The officer was unable to find the application on Torkildsen’s cell phone so he installed it and helped place the ride request setting the destination for Torkildsen’s address.

When Torkildsen departed in the Uber the officers allegedly spotted the vehicle entering the hotel’s parking garage on the other side of the building. When Torkildsen found his car by setting off the alarm with his handheld device he reportedly had the Uber driver deliver him to his automobile instead of taking him home.

After reportedly entering his vehicle Torkildsen’s tires were allegedly heard screeching from the speed at which he was driving through the garage, and he accidentally turned in the direction of an entrance instead of the exit. As he was in the middle of trying to fix his navigational error an officer approached him on foot and detained him.

Torkildsen was taken into custody and booked into the Boulder County Jail where a breathalyzer test was administered. The test registered his blood alcohol content at nearly three times the Colorado legal limit of .08 and Torkildsen was charged on suspicion of DUI and reckless driving. He was released after paying a $500 personal recognizance bond to ensure his appearance at his arraignment hearing, which has been scheduled for July 11.

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