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Address on Seized Mail Led Authorities to Huge Drug Stash

Police have reported that the address on a seized package containing drugs led them to a residence where they found a tremendous amount of illicit substances.

31-year-old Jeffrey Sheeder resides in Everett, Pennsylvania.

The authorities reported that, over time, they had collected several packages allegedly containing drugs that were being sent to Sheeder’s home. The person reportedly sending the parcels also allegedly had similar packages intercepted before reaching their destination.

On March 25, a U.S. Inspections Service federal agent worked with Pennsylvania State troopers to track down the person living at the address marked on the package.

When they went to the residence, it was determined that Sheeder was the occupant.

The authorities intended to search the home, and they knocked on the door to let Sheeder know what was taking place.

A man who does not live at the address reportedly answered the door, and the authorities said they were greeted by a pungent stench of pot.

To gain entry to the home, Sheeder would need to be present, but the police learned the man was at his place of employment at the time.

When the man who answered the door agreed to call and inform him about the situation, Sheeder reportedly said he would not be able to leave work at the moment.

Sheeder was informed that a federal search warrant would be obtained if he did not comply, and the man chose to return to his house and cooperate with the inspection.

The police reported that they came across a bounty of drugs they believe are in connection with the investigation of the package deliveries. They allegedly unveiled a stockpile containing 200 Xanax tablets, 300 doses of LSD (acid), several pounds of marijuana, 500 THC cartridges with concentrated extract oil, many psychedelic (“magic”) mushrooms, THC edibles, packaging materials, digital scales, and nearly 39 grams of cocaine.

Sheeder was placed under arrest and booked into the county prison on a $125,000 bond. He is expected to face charges for one felony count of possession with intent to deliver, in addition to lesser charges associated with the situation.

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