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Woman Used Hornet Spray to Exterminate Domestic Assault

When a woman was reportedly attacked by the father of her son while the child was present, she sprayed him in the face with hornet spray to fend him off.

39-year-old Mohamed Aboubaker lives in Minneapolis and has a 3-year-old son with a woman in Mankato. Aboubaker recently reportedly went to her residence for a couple of days to spend time with the woman and their child.

On March 21, the mother of the boy went to McDonald’s to grab some food.

When she returned with Aboubaker’s sandwich, he allegedly became enraged that she got him the wrong hamburger. The man asserted that he asked for a Quarter Pounder, but was instead given a Big Mac.

The pair reportedly began to argue with their son in the room, and Aboubaker allegedly threw the woman on the floor.

Around 9:00 pm, a 911 dispatch center received many calls from someone inside the home. They reportedly heard fighting, in addition to a screaming child, while the calls were connected.

Police dispatched to the address to investigate the situation. When they reached the home, the alleged victim gave a statement about the incident. She reportedly informed the officer that she feared for herself and their son’s safety.

The woman reported that Aboubaker took cash from her purse, and she retrieved what she described as “mace” and sprayed him in the face before he ran out of the residence. The police reported that the mace was identified as hornet spray.

The authorities obtained a probable cause warrant and located the suspect at the hospital.

Aboubaker was taken into custody and charged with two counts of misdemeanor domestic assault for the allegations.

The police report noted that he has “a prior domestic assault conviction in the last ten years.”

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