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Armed Man Charged with Domestic Violence for Threatening Pregnant Girlfriend

A man in Cushing, Pennsylvania was accused of committing acts of felony domestic violence on November 15 after he threatened his pregnant girlfriend while wielding a gun.

33-year-old Joseph E. Seward and his pregnant girlfriend were having an argument at her residence through her doorway while he was allegedly holding a handgun. He was reported to have gone to his car to retrieve a shotgun he had hidden under a blanket causing the woman to become frightened and call a friend. Her friend notified police who dispatched to the scene.

When Seward learned law enforcement had been contacted he departed before they arrived.

Officers interviewed the victim who told them that she had been exposed to several physical altercations between herself and Seward over the past few months. She claimed that he had punched her a few days prior. She still had bruises on her legs, in addition to bite marks that allegedly came from Seward’s dog who had attacked her during their fighting. Investigators recorded the marks with photographs. The woman also provided video to the police of Seward shouting at her on her porch, as well as text and email messages he had recently sent that were of an aggressive nature.

Approximately 2 hours after they were notified, police located Seward and placed him under arrest. A small handgun, a shotgun and a small rifle in addition to a considerable amount of ammunition were found inside the car he was driving when he was captured, as reported by Knox County Detective Dwight Burtis.

Seward is being held at the Knox County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond. On November 17 he was charged with felony domestic violence threatening with a dangerous weapon, and domestic violence assault. He is next scheduled to appear in court on January 11, 2018.

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